Development: We develop and manufacture high quality control cabinet components necessary for the safe and practical functioning of a controller or control system. This includes equipment as well as climate control such as e.g. cooling, heating, dehumidifying, airing as well as complete control cabinets, wall housing and, not least, diverse accessories such as e.g. circuit diagram bags. Production runs: The production that takes place in Liebenscheid is a core part of our company and maintains our consistent high quality. We achieve this with the help of our qualified employees and by using high quality parts from notable manufacturers. This guarantees you working technology and us happy customers. Short lead times and sensible storage contribute to securing fast and reliable delivery. Services include: Short decision making paths take care of speed and flexibility. We champion your concerns in partnership with you.


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Hladilna tehnika - oprema za trgovine in industrijo /  Hi-fi, televizijski sprejemniki in video - dodatki /  Električna energija - naprave za distribucijo /  Elektrika - komponente in deli /  Elektrika - aparatura /  Pasivne elektronske komponente in tiskana vezja /  Aktivne elektronske komponente /  Gospodinjski aparati - veliki /  Gospodinjski aparati - mali /  Najem industrijskih oprem /  Odvlaževalna oprema /  Filter fans /  Switching cabinet heating systems /  Switching cabinet cooling equipment /  Electric control cabinet accessories /  Heating devices for electrical control cabinets /  electricity cabinets /  air conditioning unit / 

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