Sustainable products for a waste-free world: By purchasing products from our shop, you are promoting a way of coexistence in which there is plenty to go round for all. Florian Ackermann, the founder of PRODANA, has expressed this vision as follows: "Through mutual respect, the will to learn from one another and from nature itself, we will succeed in turning the consumption process into a cycle with no more refuse and no more waste." At PRODANA, "smartstainable" is our motto – we're all about smart shopping for sustainable living. Make your own contribution now by making a purchase from PRODANA's online shop. Our departments include: Natural products from companies that share the same aims as us; environmentally friendly toys that promote development and an appetite for discovery, as well as natural paints, pens and adhesives from ökoNORM; ecological detergents, such as those from Sodasan und Ulrich-natürlich; Terra preta and compostable mulch film for amateur gardeners and organic farmers.


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Ekološki izdelki za vzdrževanje gospodinjstva /  Eco-friendly disposable tableware /  Clothing free from harmful substances /  Environmentally friendly toys /  Terra preta /  Water-saving shower heads /  Full-spectrum lamps /  Baby and childcare /  Natural craft sundries /  Washing products without chemicals /  Environmentally friendly children's furniture /  Plastic-free children's tableware /  Natural pest control /  Sustainable stationery /  Kon-Tiki pyrolysis ovens /  Eco-friendly bags and shopping bags /  Compost bags /  Eco-friendly hygiene articles / 

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