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  • Guangdong Baohong New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. It is a joint venture with register capital 110 million RMB (approx. 14 million Euros). We are a high-tech enterprise with research and...
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  • ACKER produces high-quality technical polyester and polyamide fabrics for the automobile, industrial, aviation, medical and sports sectors. Our range of products includes extremely tear-resistant...
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  • Thanks to more than 60 years of concentrated further development of our core business, our company now specialises in producing grids and meshes of all kinds for our customers. We provide products...
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  • Welcome to WHR GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us! Non-woven cloth rolls, non-woven cloth, wiping cloths and wet wipes...
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  • Ali vidite to? Tudi vaši potencialni kupci Vendar pa vas ne najdejo, čeprav ste najboljši v svoji specialnosti! Pridobite razpoznavnost z EUROPAGES
  • Spengler & Fürst is a modern weaving company with weaving preparation facilities, manufacturing filament yarn and fibre yarn fabrics in a wide range of materials while ensuring quality and excellent...
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  • Large scale manufacture (large output company) of very high quality fabrics for clothing. Continuous innovations of products thanks to intensive research. Very fast creations for market requests....
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  • Arteseta srl is a fabric and cloth industry company, manufacturing and selling excellent quality products for chic and casual wear. We sell worldwide, selling a wide range of fabrics, including many...
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  • Stemafiltessuti sells fabrics from stock. It is a young and creative company that loves to dream and make others dream. We started in fabrics by processing woven textiles, but working as a contractor...
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  • Itochu was founded in 1858 in Osaka, Japan, building on the textile trading business created by Chubei Itoh, who was aged just 15 at the time.The company has grown over the years, creating...
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  • Bags for clothing, natural and synthetic cloth and fabric bags for: footwear, leather goods, carrier bags and silverware. Manufacturer of cotton, non-woven fabric and natural fabric bags....
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  • Stocks of quality, haute couture fabrics. Silks (printed and spun silk), brocades (viscose-wool), pure mohair wool, embroidered fabrics, printed viscose, etched fabrics, Jacquard knits, linen,...
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  • Essevi di Vecchiato Simone is specialised in the furnishing fabrics and their storage. We make available to all our clients hand towels, canvas in stock for sofas, items for mattresses and table...
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  • Manufacturer of scarves, shawls, pareos, head squares, accessories for women, flags, silk, polyester, cotton, linen and other fabric advertising banners. Printed and plain fabrics. All Made in Italy.
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  • The company Diffusione Tessile '97 of Roma, with points of sale all over the province of Rome, has many years' experience and offers its customers a vast choice of fabrics, net curtaining, linen and...
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  • Novità Tessile handles unsold textiles: stocks of fabric, such as wool, silk, lace, cotton, jersey, woollen and cotton textiles, printed textiles, unsold retail stock; textiles from the latest...
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