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  • For many decades, the name Hurtz has stood for the high-quality processing of aluminium. We manufacture quality screen-printing frames and storage systems (pallets, supports, containers), which offer...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | aluminium frames | welded construction made from aluminium | aluminium profiles | stacking frames for pallets
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | storage silos | stainless-steel pipe bends | glass pipe bends | aluminum silos
  • MT Container GmbH is an established, dynamic, successful business in the container sector. As one of the few specialist businesses in the reefer container sector, quality and reliability are our...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Kontejnerski terminali | kylcontainrar | freezer containers | container trade
  • EMPAC GmbH manufactures flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) and film liners for large packages. 1980: EMPAC Verpackungs GmbH is founded 1993: Acquisition by the NORDENIA Group 1996: The...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Filmi in plošče, iz umetne mase | Posebno pakiranje | flexible tanks for storing liquids | containers
  • Ali vidite to? Tudi vaši potencialni kupci Vendar pa vas ne najdejo, čeprav ste najboljši v svoji specialnosti! Pridobite razpoznavnost z EUROPAGES
  • Metallbau Emmeln is focused on manufacturing offshore containers in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-2 as well as EN 12079. We carry out development and testing/certification of these products...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji - letalski prevoz | Kontejnerji | Zabaviščni parki - instalacije | containers | trailers for container transport
  • TWS looks back on 30 years in the business of renting tank containers for liquid products to clients in the chemical and food industries. The modern fleet and innovative solutions offered by TWS...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | containers for hazardous goods | refrigerated containers for storage | store containers | brandreservoar
  • CONTAINEX – Specialist in containers/cabins and mobile space systems – A company of the WALTER GROUP – Over 30 years' experience in the container business – More than 150 distrubution depots all...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji - pomorski transport | Kontejnerji, kovinski | Kontejnerji | Kolibe in ute za gradbišča | Mobilne površine, sistemi
  • B.T.E, siutated in Paitone (Brescia), has been manufacturing and marketing products for the collection, compacting and transport of waste since 1991. Thanks to its cutting-edge design systems, BTE is...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Stiskalniki in drobilniki odpadkov | boxes | vehicles for waste transport and treatment waste containers | loaders and cranes for trucks
  • C.C.F.C. manufactures semi-trailers, trailers, demountable bodies, vehicle fittings, ISO and special containers for warehousing, storage, refrigerated and demountable containers, as well as...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Priklopniki in prekucniki za industrijska vozila | used containers | semi-trailers | chassis for semitrailers
  • Konstal has operated on the market since 2001. Its headquarters is in the Krasne-Lasocice locality, in Małopolskie Voivodeship. We deal with sales and manufacture of metal sheet garages. Our offer...
    Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | garage doors | lockers | manufacture of metal sheet garages | dog pens
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  • Branal, d.o.o. je družinsko podjetje s sedežem v Postojni. Ustanovil ga je direktor Aleš Hace leta 1992. Podjetniško pot so pričeli z avtoprevozništvom leta 1993 z nabavo prvega tovornjaka in...
    Dobavitelj za: Cestni blagovni transport - mednarodni | Cestni transport - logistične storitve | Mednarodna špedicija | Mednarodni prevoz
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | removals
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | plastic tanks
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji - pomorski transport | Kontejnerji | used containers | roll-off containers
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  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Zgradbe, montažne in industrijske | Morski in rečni prevoz | containers for goods handling | lift repairs
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | site hut | wc containers
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Mineralna voda, naravna | bottle rack | rack
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Les - embalaža | wooden packing | wooden crates
  • Dobavitelj za: Kontejnerji | Transporterji za sipki tovor | used trucks | special waste transport
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