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  • We supply plant manufacturers and users of mechanical drive technology. Within the drive technology sector, our products are a key component of conveyor installations, cooling towers, waste sewage...
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  • Bühler Motor stands for demanding, custom-made, and reliable mechatronic drive solutions with DC/BLDC small motors and gear motors and pumps. The company, which was founded in 1855 and has been owned...
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  • Our success is based on our established specialist knowledge, our extremely extensive experience and our outstanding commitment. Your specialist in drive technology. We have been developing,...
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  • FAULHABER is an independent, family-run group of companies with its headquarters in the German municipality of Schönaich, near Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. It is one of the most economically...
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  • Ali vidite to? Tudi vaši potencialni kupci Vendar pa vas ne najdejo, čeprav ste najboljši v svoji specialnosti! Pridobite razpoznavnost z EUROPAGES
  • The products. The company's core products are geared motors, electric motors and frequency converters. These are stocked in large quantities in order to be able to offer them to our customers with...
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  • Production and Technical Center Privod is one of the leading manufacturers of gear reducers in Russia founded in 2002. The leading activity of PTC Privod LLC is production and sale of products: -...
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  • LEAX Detmold – your professional and experienced partner in gear and gearbox production since 1945, initially operated under the company name Gebr. Brinkmann. Since 2013, the company's creativity and...
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  • Düsterloh has been developing, producing and selling hydraulic and pneumatic motors for more than 100 years. Customers form the world over value the absolute reliability of the radial, axial and...
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  • Gi.fa. Trasmissioni markets a vast range of products delivered throughout Italy and Europe: electric motors (asynchronous three phase motors; self-braking three-phase asynchronous motors; motors with...
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  • Founded in 1966, Rollstar became the first manufacturer to supply both hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes in 1968. This resulted in the emergence of the hydraulic gear motor concept. Since that...
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  • We supply DC motors with outputs of 2.5 W and higher Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH specialises in brushed and brushless DC motors from 2.5 watts upwards and has established itself meanwhile as one of...
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  • A solution that takes you further. That is the drive system from spn. Customized drive solutions from SPN ensure that mechanical energy gets to where it is needed precisely and reliably all over the...
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  • A family-owned and highly innovative supplier of customised products halstrup-walcher GmbH is a medium-sized company, which has been in family-ownership ever since it was founded in 1946. CEO Jürgen...
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  • Micro Motors designs and manufactures small size gear motors and high power epicycloidal gear motors. Our technical, manufacturing, administrative and sales staff is structured according to the most...
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  • Special motors made in Germany We have been producing durable and individual drive solutions for 50 years. Founded in 1970 as SSB Antriebstechnik, we build continuous quality “Made in Germany” for...
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